Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Lakers lost to the Cavs

Last week, the Cavs were in the midst of the longest losing streak in league history. In the middle of that streak, they lost by 55 to the Lakers in LA... and tonight, they beat the defending NBA champions. What gives?

10) Laker bigs are strangely vulnerable to D-League call-ups

9) Ron Artest's 1 point, 2 assists, turnover and block in 18 minutes was somehow not enough

8) Just might have had their minds primed for the All-Star Break, seeing how they've now dropped three in a row, and spent the second half asking if the bus was warming up

7) Derek Fisher can not be expected to guard a point guard with the pedigree of Ramon Sessions, which is to say, a point guard with a pulse

6) Their hatred of LeBron James is so total, they had to throw this game

5) Now that the Cavs broke that losing streak, they're primed to go on a playoff run

4) Team is trying to make sure that Phil Jackson isn't reconsidering that retirement talk

3) Since Byron Scott played with Kobe Bryant at the start of his career, he knows he to turn him back into a low percentage liability

2) Rattled by over 20,00 fans in attendance, because Cleveland Fan is, somehow, unprepared to stop caring about hoop

1) Wanted to give the Association's writers something to dwell on during the All-Star break

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win said...

There are almost all true.Those are so ignorable reasons here.

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