Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the NFLPA will decerify

The Internets report that in an effort to prevent the widely-feared NFL owners lockout, the players' union will decertify next week. As always, we have the real reasons beyind the move.

10) Decertifying will make for fewer meetings, making it easier for the players to join their union brothers and sisters in the protest in Madison, Wisconsin

9) It promises to really cheese off the owners, and that alone makes it a win right about now

8) Promises to ensure legal billing, and when lawyers make money, that's just a win for everyone

7) Would open up the league to lawsuits from individual players, which given the league's in and out nature about concussions, expanding the regular season games, and making people work for Daniel Snyder, should scare the owners silly

6) About the only thing they can do to keep NFL fans from paying way too much attention to the televised reading of names in a few weeks

5) Might have the delightful effect of tossing the salary cap and franchise player aside, leading to the large market owners going into a dog eat dog bidding frenzy of salary madness

4) Gives individual players the chance to finally join the Arena League or Lingerie Bowl and follow their true dreams

3) Might be the only way to get a pro-union story into the minds of the media and general public who enjoy child labor, unsafe working conditions, outsourcing and corporate robber barony

2) It worked in 1989, and might be the only thing the NFL players union has ever done that actually, well, worked

1) Preventing the owners from locking them out is really more important than anything else, obviously

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