Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Saints cut Jeremy Shockey

10) Want to put Marques Colston in the tight end spot to remind and infuriate Yahoo fantasy football honks

9) He was only Drew Brees' 9th favorite guy to target

8) The role of brittle name without results is already filled here by Reggie Bush

7) Finally finished reading all of his tats, so all of the mystery is gone

6) Jimmy Graham is bigger, faster, younger and healthier, and really only needed to be one of those things

5) Team and fans kept confusing him with Kyle Turley, which is a little sad for a guy who is supposed to catch passes

4) Even Shockey has stopped taking Shockey in his fantasy league

3) Was worried he'd scab for them during the lockout

2) Haven't actually paid him for years, and just recovered a stapler from him

1) Realized that he wasn't, in fact, a member of the media

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