Saturday, February 5, 2011

Top 10 Super Bowl Media Hardships

Are you ready for some football? Not before you understand, truly understand, just what the media has had to go through to bring you this experience. It's such a hard job!

10) Snow. Imagine this, the spectre and horror of frozen precipitation at a Super Bowl. It's almost as if Dallas were part of the United States, most of which is now covered in snow!

9) Crowds. Were you aware that there are a lot of media members at the Super Bowl? It's a real hardship to somehow do your job when hundreds, if not thousands, of people are going through the exact same thing. And so unexpected!

8) The city. February in north Texas is no one's idea of a good time, and unless the location is fun, it's been proven with science and statistics that this infusion of Not Fun will just eventually find it's way into your very soul. Somehow, the media has to overcome this huge problem. Will they be able to do it? Probably not!

7) Unprofessional people. Were you aware that this game attracts weirdos and publicity hogs? The horror!

6) Traffic. Your job, of course, does not involve overcoming difficult commutes or people who do not know where they are going. It's such a unique problem for Super Bowl media types. It's good that they get to go, instead of you.

5) The hours. My heavens, the responsibility of the media to be up for all hours, trying to report on which party is the hottest, or which celebrity or athlete is at which location. I don't know about you, but I get tired just thinking about this.

4) The demand. What with the Facebook, the Twitter, the blogging and the old-school media, there's just this relentless maw that needs to be fed. How anyone can keep their sanity with so many outlets to satisfy, we'll never know.

3) The food. Can you say no to so much free and/or good food, available at all hours? It's almost unfair, the hardship here.

2) Security. It's essential, of course, since the media is so critical to the nation's sense of well-being that we'd be unable to maintain a sense of sanity if something were to happen to them. But still, the lack of decorum and the occasional intrusion into a reporter's personal space? Unacceptable for a person of this standing. Unacceptable!

1) Mockery. This is hard to believe, but there are people in this world that would mock the media for complaining about their hardships in covering this game, denigrate the value of their contribution to society, or try to make them feel bad about complaining about their plight. Some of them even have problems believing that this job is hard, rather than a de facto paid vacation with a trivial amount of writing involved, and that our puling is more about trying to have the best possible vacation, rather than anything about doing the "work." Oh, the pain of haters. Incredibly important people have feelings too, you know!

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