Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 10 takeaways from Carmelo Anthony going to New York

10) Getting Melo is nice, but Knick Fan is really even more excited about The Return Of Renaldo Balkman

9) Many Western teams are now hoping like mad that Denver will somehow hold on to a playoff spot

8) Some day, Anthony will be able to get over the disappointment of not playing in Newark

7) While Nugget Fan is probably glad to have this all over, he can't be too happy about being all-in on a big man named Timofey

6) The line and negotiations for Nene Hilario starts now

5) Poor Ray Felton will look back on his half-year with Amar'e Stoudamire as the only time in his career when he had hope

4) Now that this is finally over, we all owe LeBron James an apology for the comparative class and decorum used in making his move

3) In the final analysis, this deal can best be summarized as Melo wanting to get back to his Syracuse South roots

2) Once the Knicks get a point guard under 30, they will... still lose in the second round, since their stars don't play defense and they won't be better than the Heat, Bulls or Celtics

1) If you want to know who won the trade, just remember that the Knicks didn't make this move until Isiah Thomas got involved

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