Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 10 takeaways from the Carmelo Anthony / George Karl Beef

Now that the star forward has been moved out of Denver, Nuggets' coach George Karl had this to say to the national TNT audience:

“Defense is commitment. I’ve got young guys and if they don’t give me the commitment, I’ve got other guys who will give me the commitment. The system sometimes ties you up from getting the commitment. You have to handle what Melo gives you. I’m not knocking Melo, he is a great offensive player. Melo is the best offensive player I’ve ever coached, but his defensive focus, his demand of himself is what frustrated us more than anything.”

Leading to 'Melo responding with this Jay-Z lyric on his Twitter feed:



"Damn, are u serious. Some people never seize to amaze me. Unbelievable"

and another direct quote to a beat writer, the next day:

"That's him. That's George Karl so I don't really try to pay too much attention to that. I know that what I've done there in the 7 1/2 years I've been there; going to the Western Conference Finals. Last year, we were top five in a lot of categories. All that stuff, I don't know where it's coming from. I try not to pay too much attention to it."

So now that you know the background, here is The Rest of The Story...

10) As a fellow Syracuse man, it's very troubling to see that Carmelo doesn't know the proper use of cease versus seize

9) The fact that Karl is regarded as a great coach despite having undisciplined teams with no rings shouldn't be brought up, since he's fought off cancer and all

8) Carmelo's timing to lose in a defense-free effort against the terrible Cavs was kind of pitch-perfect

7) Sadly, Denver does not play New York again this year, unless (um, sure) it will be in the Finals

6) Given that the Nuggets still employ J.R. Smith, Ty Lawson, Al Harrington and Danilo Gallinari, we're kind of thinking that Anthony wasn't the only defensive problem here

5) 'Melo might not want to rest on his Denver laurels, seeing how the team only got past the first round once, and probably won't this year, either

4) The next star player that Karl coaches that he doesn't throw under the bus, the second that he's no longer coaching him, will be the first (see Shawn Kemp, Gary Peyton, Glenn Robinson, Ray Allen, Sam Cassel and Allen Iverson)

3) If this incident somehow results in another weird NBA snake nickname, ala Kobe Bryant being The Black Mamba, that's all good

2) This won't affect Denver's ability to attract another top-tier talent at all

1) For a guy trying to not pay too much attention to Karl, 'Melo sure seems to be paying too much attention to Karl

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