Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 10 takeaways from Deron Williams going to the Nets

10) In the past month, the Jazz have lost their legendary coach, their occasionally All-NBA point guard, and most of the reasons why the franchise shouldn't be contracted

9) Williams is said to be unhappy with moving from Salt Lake City to the greater New York area, which means he might not be very bright

8) On the bright side for Devin Harris, he'll get to roast Jason Kidd more often, and acquire an actual fan base

7) The Jazz will also receive several first round picks, which could be high enough to be prominent free agents once they are able to get the hell out of Utah

6) Since Williams isn't signed to a contract extension, Theoretically Existent Nets Fan gets to spend the next 18 months hoping that he doesn't want to spend a televised hour with ESPN in front of child props

5) The Jazz say they will market basketball without a star, which is to say they will market losing basketball while insulting Al Jefferson

4) Whether or not the move works out, Nets Fan feels good about upstaging the Carmelo Anthony trade, and theoretically paying less for a better player

3) Every NBA fan is thankful that the Jazz and Nets proved that you can still pull off a major trade in the Age of Twitter that happens quickly and surprises people

2) Now that they have Favors and all of these high picks, the Jazz will finally be able to lose with athleticism

1) Jazz Fan may finally be able to accept the idea that Chris Paul is a better player than Williams

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