Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 10 takeaways from the Kendrick Perkins Trade

10) Shockingly, Celtics Fan is showing signs of liking the new white guy, and not liking the new black guy

9) After two days of crying, eating ice cream and chocolate and taking Midol, the Celtics' locker room is starting to show signs of accepting the move

8) Beating the 21-40 Clippers in their first game back from an 11-game road trip after trading away their point guard proves that everything's going to work out OK

7) Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic are going to be much better now that they have real NBA fans rooting for them, rather than those clueless Oklahoma yahoos that just show up for every game and shower their team with love and encouragement

6) It will be Highly Educational to see if Kevin Garnett remains a first-class wrestling heel now that Perkins has been replaced by a finesse player

5) When Delonte West gets more minutes than Green, that's not exactly selling jerseys in the greater Boston area

4) The fact that Perkins has an MCL sprain and might miss a few weeks means the Celtics have already won this trade

3) If Perkins thugs a guy in a future game against the Celtics, it will show that he was always overrated and the team won without him

2) The idea that someone would actually want Antoine Walker's number kind of boggles the mind, really

1) This trade is much more important than the Carmelo Anthony deal, the Deron Williams trade, and anything else involving teams that aren't the Celtics

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