Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 10 takeaways from the Piston Mutiny

Following a suspiciously under-attended shoot-around before Friday's game in Philadelphia, rumors have been rife that the veteran Pistons players are trying to get their coach, second-year promoted assistant John Kuester, canned. Here's all that you need to know...

10) When your players are laughing at the coach as he gets ejected, that's not a good sign

9) We're not saying that Joe Dumars has had a bad few years as GM, but Pistons Fan is starting to wonder if Isiah Thomas is better at this

8) This won't affect Greg Monroe's decision to re-sign after his rookie contract is up at all

7) Somehow the team didn't rally to win as a short-handed six-man team on the road after all this

6) Given that this involves one of the teams that employed Allen Iverson, I'm required by NBA blogger law to make a remark here about talking about practice

5) This team can't be sold, contracted or replaced by D-Leaguers fast enough

4) The next team that willingly employs Rip Hamilton, Tracy McGrady or Ben Wallace will not be a very good team, either

3) Between this and Miguel Cabrera drinking Scotch during his DUI interview, it hasn't been a particularly strong month for Detroit Fan, but given that he also roots for the Lions, it's not as if they aren't prepared for such things

2) When the coach on a team that has seen better days basically stops playing the most respected player on the team, and the team does not rade him, Bad Things Happen

1) The fact that the team came back to win the next night against Utah tells you all that you need to know about how the Jazz are doing after the Deron Williams trade

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