Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top 20 Super Bowl Takeaways

20) The Black Eyed Peas failed to make things louder, start anything, or make anyone with the NFL want to hire non-geezer bands again

19) If you did not know that Fox covered the NFC before this game, you could of, well, guessed

18) At some point, someone has to question the wisdom of fighter plane fly-bys over domed stadiums

17) We're very glad that Jerry Jones made a stadium where all of the celebrities are comfortable, and all of the players get injured, because the turf sucks

16) It's always hard to lose a Super Bowl, but it's especially hard to lose to a butter-fingered white reserve WR

15) Charles Woodson can retire now that his signature career moment doesn't involve Tom Brady getting the referee bail out for the ages

14) The Steelers ran for 5.5 yards a carry, and somehow only did that 23 times

13) If Ben Roethlisberger didn't spend his off-season doing Questionable Things, there's no way that God lets him get picked twice

12) The Packers could be really good if their wideouts didn't drop so many balls

11) Donald Driver got hurt, but he can retire now with a ring, and return to his first professional love, which is drug dealing

10) Everything would have gone better for the Steelers if they had just thrown more bubble screens to the wideouts

9) It's never a good feeling when your team is trailing in the fourth quarter by more than one score, but still huddling during drives

8) The next time the Steelers try this, they might not want to spot the opposition three turnovers

7) If Steeler Fan never sees Bryant McFadden again, they'll be OK with that

6) I know it's hard to believe, given the number of commercials in this game, but it's actually over now

5) As bad as both of Roethlisberger's picks were, the Rashard Mendenhall fumble was much more damaging

4) Nick Collins really wasn't a Pro Bowl Safety this year, but since he scored a TD, no one will ever know

3) Now that the game has been held in a winter nightmare that led to the most media puling ever, everyone is thrilled about it going to north Jersey in two years

2) The only thing that can seemingly stop a Packer dynasty is the fact that their players seem to drop like flies

1) For the last game ever played due to the upcoming Mayan Apocalypse / Nuclear Winter / Plague State Lockout, it was pretty good, I guess


Anonymous said...

Mad props on your picks! I ain't mad at you. Congrats!


snd_dsgnr said...

Winter weather in the south really does have a way of screwing things up worse than someone from Philadelphia might think.

It's uncommon so people freak out trying to drive, and towns don't really have a sufficient number of plows on hand to clear the roads.

Don't get me wrong, I was sick of listening to media types whine as well. But if there's a foot of snow in the New York area for that Super Bowl it still probably wouldn't hamper transportation as much as the ice in Dallas did there.

Tracer Bullet said...

This is really the best of two bad outcomes. Instead of two weeks of whining from the local media about how the Steelers get everything right that the Eagles get wrong, we just have to endure two weeks of whining from the local media about another coach winning his first SB before Andy Reid.

DMtShooter said...

Along with today's wacky Web wumor that Reid is stepping down for Jon Gruden. I just pass on the nonsense...

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