Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top Ten NBA Takeaways from the Super Bowl Lawsuits

Approximately 1,000 fans have sued the NFL, the Cowboys, and Jerry Jones in federal court for the ticket fiasco. Here's what you need to know...

10) People who sue are greedy, but the league and owner that put in seats that weren't certified, with the highest prices in the game's history, are innocent as the driven snow

9) Since the NFL is on CBS, NBC, ABC/ESPN and Fox, we're certain to get tough and unsparing coverage of this case, and the upcoming owners' decision to start a lockout

8) Going to some future Super Bowl that might not involve your team is totally fair compensation for getting shuttled around like foster children at a game that you reached like mad to go to

7) The NFL is totally right to give Super Bowls to completely crazy egotists who build gigantic mausoleums to themselves

6) Every American can take pride in the fact that our federal courts will spend their time on such a weighty matter

5) If this someone results in dramatic courtroom testimony in which Jones is proven to be the murderer, it will have all been worth it

4) We should all forgive Jones for this, since his heart was in the right place of setting an attendance record in the stadium that he built with his own two hands of total awesomeness

3) Looking on the bright side, at least no one was crushed by falling ice

2) Damages from the lawsuit are considerably higher for Steeler fans

1) All involved should be shocked, shocked, that Jones was not able to deliver what he promised, given his track record of one playoff win in this century

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