Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strangely Enough, Bobby Hurley Was Available To Comment

“We were 3-0 against Michigan so I can understand Jalen’s frustration,” (ex Duke point guard Bobby) Hurley said. When asked about Chris Webber who was recruited by Duke, Hurley said “We would have welcomed him with open arms. Jalen on the other hand, I can understand why we didn’t recruit him. He might have a hard time hitting the floor because he wasn’t taking my spot and I think Thomas Hill would have given him a hard time to get on the floor, so I can see that.”

Oooh, burn! On the strength of three college games, Hurley gets to play Scoreboard. Well, two can play at that game, Dookie...

Rose spent 15 years in the NBA as a 6'-8" combo guard. He averaged 14.3 points a game, 3.5 rebounds, and 3.8 assists per game, while shooting 44.3% from the floor and 80.1% from the line. Of his 923 games played, 572 were starts, with over 30 minutes of burn a game; in three years, he was over 40 minutes a game. Frequently the best player for bad teams, Rose did go to six different playoffs, and went deep with the Pacers three time. Rose had 4 years of over 20 points a game, and while he's got no shot at the Hall, he's one of the best 200 to 300 guys to ever put on a uniform in the Association.

Rose also made over $100 million playing ball. Considering how Dookies love to talk about who will be working for who later on in life, how does that taste?

Now, Hurley? He was a 6'-0" guard that was out of the league by age 26, and only 62 of his 269 games were starts. He never played more than 17 minutes a game after his rookie year, shot 35.3% from the floor (no, seriously), and didn't even make free throws at a decent clip. Career averages are 3.8 / 1.1 / 3.3, and he played in one playoff game, for two minutes. Even in his Duke career, he just rang up 12.4 / 2.2 / 7.7, with a 41% shooting percentage. He made just under $17 million playing hoop, which is still mighty fine pay for an undersized defensive sieve who couldn't shoot. Or wear a seat belt in a crippling car accident that probably helped him in the long term, since it prevented another three to five years of failure at the professional level. (Too harsh? Maybe you could have worked harder in rehab. Or was the wallet filled enough as is?)

So, um, Bobby? You'll never buy another drink in Durham again, though you might want to check that drink for roofies, given the habits of your fellow alums. And I get that you're kind of bent that people would rather remember the Michigan Fab Five team, rather than your Duke squad, but here's the thing... Duke is still pretty much Duke, decades later. Michigan ain't. What they had was special, unique, and transitory; what you had was the factory-generated product, and more or less what they have right now.

So guess who gets the film with the best-in class TV ratings, and the NBA fortune, and the post-career announcing job?

And people wonder why Duke is hated.

OK, scratch that. No one wonders that.

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