Sunday, March 13, 2011

Top 10 eternal takeaways from Selection Sunday

Ah, another bout of March madness is upon us, and while this blog doesn't even pretend to know anything about Post-Pubescent Indentured Servant Hoop, we do know enough history to posit the following, without even really looking at a bracket...

10) The committee is so in the tank for Duke

9) Every bubble team wuz robbed, will really be missed to not be in the tournament, and will prove to everyone how good they are by crushing the NIT

8) Anyone that treats "play-in" games seriously deserves nothing but disdain

7) Your bracket is already wrong

6) Debbie from Accounting, who knows even less about the college game than I do, will crush you in your office pool

5) Gonzaga is an appealing underdog, assuming that you haven't actually watched them play, or are betting against them

4) Any game that's on Tru TV can be safely ignored

3) If a team has a long-standing coach, you will hear more about him in their game than their top player

2) You want to watch the Gus Johnson game and continue to appreciate the fact that Billy Packer has been sent to a farm upstate

1) For all of the talk about upsets, Cinderella and Madness, three out of four #1 seeds will wind up playing for the championship

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