Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 10 New Names For Redskins Insider

The Washington Redskins have asked the Washington Post to rename their blog, because the paper hasn't ponied up the cash to make the use of the name authorized.

No, seriously.

After all, this is the franchise that tried to intimidate the Washington City Paper into firing a writer whose only sin was, well, listing out truths that they'd rather not hear.

So since FTT is all about the helping, here are ten new and improved names for the Post to use in its place that should avoid further legal threats from Daniel Snyder and his legal staff. Enjoy...

10) DC's Losing NFL Team Blog

9) Racial Epithets Today

8) NFC East Cellar News

7) Red$kin$ Dige$t

6) Team of Scientology

5) John Riggins Cries

4) Your Unfortunate NFL Team

3) Waiting For Snyder To Die

2) Burgundy Tears

1) They Who Must Not Be Named


CMJDad said...

One more: Can't Buy Me Love (Or Wins).

DMtShooter said...

Or Class, naturally...

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