Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top 10 reasons the NFL extended the CBA for 24 hours

10) Buries the news of the lockout and decert-ification for the weekend, where no one will pay any attention to it at all

9) Gives all of the players an extra day to avoid cuts, signings and trades

8) Allows everyone involved to live one more day in a league where small market teams can compete on an equal footing with large market teams

7) Another day of Peter King fluffing Roger Goodell will be sure to get the players to cave in fear of the commish's mystic powers

6) The contract killers the league hired to take out federal judge David Doty need another day to really make it look like an accident

5) Convinces the media that both sides are working hard to reach an agreement, as if anyone cares about their work ethic

4) Gets them one more day closer to the season without playing 18 games, changing the rookie wage scale, or increasing benefits to retired players, so there's something in it for everyone

3) Publicizes the union's plan to decertify, so that will come as a big surprise

2) Negotiations between intelligent and rational sides always wait until the very last minute, then extend the deadline

1) Lawyers working on weekends make even more than lawyers working on weekdays

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