Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 10 reasons the Redskins released Clinton Portis

10) Failed to properly appreciate Daniel Snyder's latest merlot

9) Mike Shanahan is required by law to rotate at least four running backs a year

8) Even for a Redskin, he's hurt too much

7) By letting him go now, they make sure that he doesn't break 10,000 yards or John Riggins' record, which is very important to Redskins Fan

6) Gives them the experience they need to release Donovan McNabb, Santana Moss and every other guy who once knew how to play football

5) Now that Gilbert Arenas has left town, he just seems like old hat

4) After the Willie Parker and Larry Johnson Experience, the team has kind of changed their minds about the wisdom of having glue factory backs

3) Think that if they just let him go, Denver will release Champ Bailey and put things back to rights

2) Just realized that he was still on the roster

1) When he turned 30, like nearly all NFL running backs, he had a little LED light turn from green to red in his palm

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