Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Buck Showalter is mouthing off

In the April issue of Men's Journal, the Orioles manager disclosed that he enjoys screaming at the Yankees' Derek Jeter for bush league tactics, and that Red Sox GM Theo Epstein is only smart because he's got a checkbook. As always, FTT has the real reasons behind the outburst.

10) Wants to remind people that there is, in fact, professional American League baseball in Baltimore

9) Irritated that 20% of the Orioles overall attendance are road Yankee and Red Sox fans

8) Just couldn't keep his candor down when faced with the white-hot media glare of Men's Journal

7) Convinced from last year's 34-23 closing run means that he's actually got a team this year, which if you think about it, is just downright adorable

6) Still thinks he's employed by ESPN, and has to give voice to ridiculous opinions to keep paying the rent

5) Hasn't gotten over that whole "Yankee Dynasty as soon as he gets run off" thing

4) It's not as if you aren't going to overcompensate when you've got a name like Buck

3) Brian Roberts hasn't gotten seriously hurt yet

2) Kind of annoyed that he doesn't have a singe starting pitcher that would even make the bullpen in Boston or Tampa

1) It's March, also known as the last month of the year where any reporters talk to the Orioles, so Buck is just taking advantage while he can

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