Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Cubs released Carlos Silva

10) Pitching to contact is one thing, but pitching to ludicrously hard contact is quite another

9) Silva would not report to Peoria, and the organization just will not stand to see that fine city sullied

8) The club just wants to put every memory of the Milton Bradley Era behind them

7) Team was never particularly interested in him winning the fifth starter role, since he, well, makes a ton of money and sucks

6) When you try to trade a guy for a month and get no offers, the idea of releasing him starts to make, well, sense

5) Paying him $11.5 million this year will feel easier if they can just pretend it's part of their revenue sharing

4) Unlike Silva, Andrew Cashner might not remain horrible

3) Figured they could not win the World Series without him, just as they've done with tens of thousands of players before him

2) Rather than being an "innings eater", Carlos was more of an "innings bulimic"

1) Think that if they just make this ugly enough, there's a greater chance of the White Sox picking him up, so they'd get to see him in intra-league play

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