Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top 10 reasons why LeBron James skipped tonight's player introductions

In case you missed the reigning MVP's start to a losing night in Cleveland...

10) Not enough child props in the picture

9) By missing the intro, he hoped to confuse Cleveland Fan away from their usual booing

8) Really had to go number one, and no foolin'

7) Wanted to see if the Heat would play 4-on-5 without him, which would have been defensible, given the Heat's bench

6) Thought he saw a guy in the stands wearing a Delonte West jersey

5) Was taking an urgent call from Nike about his likability scores

4) Protesting the Cleveland arena's restrictions on his posse

3) Wanted to prove that he didn't have to show up for the full game to beat the Cavs (whoops)

2) Erik Spoelstra told him to go out for the introductions, so he needed to remind "Coach" about who wears the pants here

1) Was late in his pre-game ritual of throwing talcum powder, shaking down children for lunch money, and kicking puppies and kittens

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