Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Mark Cuban is in talks with Charlie Sheen for a TV show

10) Reminds the world that HDNet exists, seeing how HD programming is so exclusive and exciting now

9) As his work with CBS shows, Sheen never turns on his employer

8) By working with Sheen, Cuban opens up the possibility of embarrassing losses outside of the first round of the NBA playoffs

7) As the show is said to be "what he (Sheen) wants to do", we've got to presume there will be hookers and blow

6) If this somehow winds up with Sheen working as Cuban's butler, Jerry Seinfeld gets a royalty

5) Cuban wants to learn more about how to properly batter women

4) It's not as if either of these men care about what the critics say, or anyone else for that matter

3) This works for everyone if only because of the idea that Cuban has to listen to Sheen, and Sheen has to listen to anyone

2) Keeps them both off the streets, out of the brothels and away from their Twitter feeds

1) Because it will finally give America the chance to hear what wealthy cocksure white men think

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