Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 10 reasons why MLB's Opening Day has only six games

10) It's not as if Boston and Philadelphia are big enough markets to deserve early attention

9) Want to start the season nice and slow and gradual, to remind everyone why they don't really like baseball

8) Best way to annoy fantasy honks, who have to juggle unequal schedules against a desire to keep the teams they drafted

7) Figure it they spread out Opening Day long enough, it has to help their attendance figures somehow

6) Since the World Baseball Classic wasn't played this year, they need some other way to produce early season injuries

5) They'd start next week on time and all, but that means playoff games in November, which the league is entirely opposed to... except that they are trying to add another wild-card team in both leagues

4) Having the fewest teams playing on Opening Day in 25 years is somehow more earth-friendly

3) By having fewer Opening Day games, we greatly reduce the chance of something truly memorable happening, which makes the day-in day-out grind of the regular season that much more special

2) Seeing how only one game (San Francisco at LA) is being played in a warm-weather city or in a dome, it gives us a greater chance of the most fun thing in baseball, the snow-out

1) Shockingly, Bud Selig failed to make the right decision for the fans

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