Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the NFLPA will boycott the NFL Draft

10) They know that without reaction shots, it's just a mind-bogglingly boring telethon of list reading

9) Want to make sure that the first impression of the class of 2011 is a memorable one

8) Just can't even look at the owners right now, they are just so mad

7) Now that the lockout's on, no one should sell any jerseys at all, not even those fake #1 shirts

6) This will convince everyone that they are serious about not being able to go to work

5) Need to take that time to find new jobs as ditch diggers, pipe layers, and other jobs in porn

4) The rookies are too busy showing solidarity with other unions in Wisconsin to attend

3) Have to start letting the fans know that they are totally capable of pissing them off nearly as much as the owners

2) Necessary step to make sure that the vast majority of fans go to the "a plague on both of their houses" stage

1) After caving in on a rookie wage scale, the rookies clearly owe the union the solid of skipping out on the day they have worked their whole lives to achieve

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