Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top 10 signs you are half-assing your fantasy baseball draft preparation

10) You find your rankings from last year and think, "Eh, good enough"

9) You refuse to study up on rookies, since the really good ones all start the year in the minors now anyway

8) Meal, room and entertainment preparations are all taking priority over draft prep

7) You've cut back on the number of leagues you play, since this will mean less prep work (especially true if you are in a shallow or single league format)

6) You've become the guy that doesn't remember the new teams of big name players

5) This year, you are finally following up on that promise to just throw a dart at names of second or third tier catchers, shortstops and closers

4) In a keeper league, you respond to all pre-draft trade requests with automatic deletes and profanity

3) You've actually entertained the notion of a co-owner for reasons beyond extreme poverty

2) You are excusing your behavior on how just how engrossing the basketball and NFL labor negotiations are this year

1) You spend your time dreaming of destroying your league nerd's prep work, rather than do your own


Anonymous said...

(11) You have a girlfriend

DMtShooter said...

Golf clap, Anonymous. And note -- girlfriend. Not wife.

Jonathan Bentz said...

12) Your work week has expanded to 60 hours and, in fact, you're making an effort to do your job.

DMtShooter said...

Anybody whose site brings up a Bobby Cocks photo gets a thumbs up from me...

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