Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top 10 takeaways from the Heat's 4-game losing streak

10) Several players were crying after today's loss in Chicago, showing that they haven't actually gotten used to it yet

9) Somehow, despite his experience with those clutch Sacramento and Atlanta teams, adding Mike Bibby hasn't made it all better

8) Dwyane Wade says that the team are like brothers, but didn't buy into the theory that all of the brothers can play basketball

7) The team has now missed 13 straight shots where they could have tied or led a game in the last 10 seconds of regulation or overtime, proving that they are, in fact, pussies

6) LeBron James told his team that he's not going to continue to fail late in games, but that he is going to continue to lose in the playoffs

5) Chicago swept the season series, which proves that Wade's no longer from there

4) This whole "Derrick Rose is the MVP, but not the best player" argument keeps seeming a little weaker

3) The talents that James took to South Beach hasn't extended to, well, closing out games

2) Miami is 29th in the league in assists per game, which might be, I don't know, relevant to this whole end-of-game problem

1) At this point, even people in Miami are starting to enjoy watching them lose

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