Friday, March 25, 2011

Top 10 Upcoming NBA Playoff Takeaways

10) For everyone who claims that the regular season doesn't matter, don't tell that to the 2-3 teams in the East, both of which will not go to the NBA Finals

9) Three out of the four road underdogs in the Eastern Conference will get rolled without effort, and then there's Philly

8) The Knicks have a losing record and higher ticket prices in the Carmelo Anthony Era, not that Knicks Fan minds at all

7) Atlanta is making their big fold a little early this year

6) If you feel disgusted about Indiana making the playoffs, at least they aren't Milwaukee or Charlotte

5) The Spurs might be the least imposing #1 seed since the Warrior-bait Mavs

4) The Lake Show has their snooze alarm set firmly for mid-April

3) For anyone who doesn't think stars win playoffs, watch for the upcoming Thunder v. Nuggets series

2) The Hornets, Grizz, Rockets and Suns are really trying very hard to be a first round speed bump

1) Portland's upcoming upset win over Dallas, and Mark Cuban's post-loss whinefest, is one of those reasons why we love the Association

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