Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who Am I To Resist Tom Brady, Lord Of The Dance?

And who are you, really?

Now, independent of a good old laugh at Tom Brady's desire to appear on screen with a ponytail and hopeless dancing... um, well, why should we be independent of that? I think it speaks to a failure of judgment. I think it basically tells his offensive line that he doesn't really consider himself as a run of the mill football player, and sure, no QB is... but smart QBs keep up the fiction. You know, so that you get the full devotion and protection of the guys that keep you from being a grease stain on the carpet during an odd-man rush.

Oh, and rest of the NFL? Please, please, please... do this dance every time you sack the man, from now on out. Life should just be that awesome, really. (Plus, hey... you'll get any number of Patriots getting ejected from freaking out over the disrespect. Win-win, really.)

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