Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top 10 NBA Playoff Saturday Takeaways

10) The Bulls showed that they only really need to show up for 3.5 minutes to beat the Pacers

9) Actually, it turns out that having Dwight Howard play 1-on-5 doesn't work out

8) The Sixers proved that scrappy overachievers with tons of heart and moxie lose just as well as anyone else

7) Jason Kidd and Andre Miller each proved that they can have solid games against guys who probably shouldn't eat solid food anymore

6) ESPN's use of some new cover of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" managed to annoy several generations

5) If JJ Barea were only a few inches taller, everyone would be comfortable with the idea that he's a terrible player

4) In just a few more weeks, the Giant Head Motif on the commercials will haunt your dreams

3) In a shocking upset, the Mavericks won Game One at home over the Blazers, just to prove that when Mark Cuban is happy, it's still really irritating

2) If you are the best player for your team, and your home crowd doesn't chant "M-V-P" at you when you take free throws, regardless of the absurdity of that statement, they must secretly hate you

1) Since the teams that win Game One take down 79% of their series, you can safely stop watching three out of four of these, regardless of the fact that all of the games were close and good

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