Wednesday, April 20, 2011

47 Shows And Nothing's On

More fallout from PokerGate. ESPN is no longer taking ads from poker sites... as if those folks are all that interested in sending money out of pocket right about now. Really, the only winner appears to be Zynga, since their free poker game on Facebook is the only one that doesn't appear to be staring at the ceiling, or swirling the bowl, right about now. And here's the craziest thing about this whole apocalypse... there are 47 different poker shows on television now. Forty seven! Good God in Heaven, why?

I mean, I watch too many of these shows; I stay up too late writing the blog, and it makes for good background chatter while I'm trying to stay awake and get the bloghole filled. I've watched any number of poker shows; hell, I even reviewed them in one of the more fun posts I've ever written for this site. But forty seven? Seriously?

Well, OK then. I'm kind of amazed that there just wasn't a 24/7/365 network that did nothing but show hands, or that there hasn't been a bigger media outcry and anti-federal backlash in the media, since the separation of church and state doesn't really exist anymore. And in the biggest point of development, really... is that I'm fascinated to see if this means more bodies in the casinos (and more weaker players), and more people at my home game. 19 RSVPs so far for Friday, which is to say, so very close to my first three-table tournament...

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