Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bulls-Pacers Game Two: Top 12 Takeaways

12) If you want to play Tim Donaghy Conspiracy Theory, Roy Hibbert's 5th foul and the non-call on Jeff Foster getting pushed out to force a turnover gives you ample ammunition

11) Bulls Fan is very good at chanting naughty things in unison

10) Carlos Boozer can have a 13/9 half and still look like a terrible player

9) The Bulls really should float a game check to the cameraman who helped take out Darren Collison, though that TJ Ford half-court hit to end the third helped

8) If this Danny Granger had showed up all year, the Pacers wouldn't be playing the Bulls in this round

7) Sixer and Jazz Fan is wondering just when Kyle Korver learned how to make shots in crunch time

6) If you don't find Tyler Hansborough irritating, you are either related to him, a Pacers fan, or simply not paying attention

5) Regardless of what happens for the rest of the series, Frank Vogel has served notice that he can coach a little

4) Feel free to show the game tape of this one to anyone who tells you NBA players don't hustle

3) If the Pacers could rebound, they'd be more than the cut-rate Nuggets

2) When Indy fails to trap Derrick Rose, they fail to stop Derrick Rose

1) For a #1 seed, Chicago really seems like they have to work very hard just to win a game at home

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