Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Final Four Championship Zzzzz....

GUEST COMMENT-ARY: It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to throw some thoughts out here but The Truth couldn't let March Madness pass without an observation. It's broken. It doesn't work anymore.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but March Madness needs an overhaul. March Madness has always been my favorite 3 weeks of sports for as long as I can remember. I love the upsets, the little guy winning some games, winning and dying with your team. The problem I have is that the best team rarely wins. And you end up with a game we had last night. The worst championship game in NCAA history. It was just awful.

Now I don't think NCAA Football has it correct either. Two teams picked to play, but at least it usually is the best two teams or two of the best. If March Madness continues as one and done tournament it should consider some changes. Maybe the top 8 teams get byes to the Sweet 16 as a reward. Maybe, gasp, and I can't belive it, but just maybe the NIT has it right. Let the top seeds play at home until you get to the Final Four. Unlike playoffs, if you have just one bad night, you're out.

Were UConn and Butler the best teams in the nation this year? No. But they were the hottest teams during the middle of March. This tourney is a crapshoot. You get a classic game like KU-Memphis a few years ago where the two best teams made it to the finals and played like it. You also get a UConn-Butler matchup that was as painful as watching a rose ceremony for The Bachelor or worse, driving across the state of Kansas.

How bad was it? Even the pre-game pep talk by UConn Coach Calhoun was a sleeper. Watch the guy nearest the camera around the 40 second spot. I think he's popping a NoDo's to stay awake. Just awful.


snd_dsgnr said...

There is one major problem with using the NIT model for the NCAA tournament, home stadiums have wildly different capacities.

Hosting games at Ohio State this year would have been all right (19,000 capacity), but think of how frequently Duke is a #1 seed. Think how much money would be lost by hosting four rounds of tournament games in an arena that seats around 9300.

The Truth said...

Yes but think about how much revenue is lost if you continue to get Butler-VCU matchups in the Final Four and UConn-Butler matchups in the Finals.

When it comes time to negotiate TV rights/money you think the networks aren't using ratings as the main driver?

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