Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last Night's 15 NBA Playoff Takeaways

15) Even with one arm, Manu Ginobili is the Spurs' best offensive option

14) OKC crushed the Nuggets 53-31 on the boards, with the margin being 19-5 from the bench, because George Karl is just that good of a coach and motivator

13) We're not saying that the refs were looking out for the Lakers, but Emeka Okafor picked up his second foul before getting his warm-up pants off

12) Tim Duncan brings a certain feeling of calm to the playoffs, simply because he's too old to feel any other way

11) Oklahoma City plays music during their own offensive possessions, just to make old-school NBA fans wince

10) No NBA player in recent memory delivers as much pain or pleasure for his team's fans than Denver's JR Smith

9) Andrew Bynum decided to show up for the Lakers tonight, which meant that everyone on the East Coast was able to go to bed early

8) Not only did the Spurs have to suffer the indignity of losing Game 1 to a young upstart team at home, they also had to play Game 2 on the NBA TV ghetto

7) When it comes to sounding aggrieved by hard opposition fouls, possession decisions and obvious foul calls against their laundry, Laker Fan is second to none

6) TNT actually decided to shift off from live Nuggets-Thunder to show Spurs-Grizzlies, and minimize the screen to show us Kobe Bryant warming up, because the Thunder are just that unwatchable

5) Nene appears to be Portugese for "Missed Free Throw"

4) By having two games on at once, the NBA gave us all a few hours of relief from heavy rotation TNT ads, and the thrill of homer-riffic Spurs coverage

3) Assuming they can still be consoled by anything and watch other games, Wilson Chandler made Knick Fan thankful they still have Jared Jeffries

2) Kendrick Perkins really needs to teach a class on how to look incredulous at the notion that he has ever fouled anyone, because he's just that good at it

1) The Lakers controlled a game where Kobe Bryant didn't score much or was anywhere near their best player, proving that he's, um, the MVP

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