Friday, April 22, 2011

Last Night's 15 NBA Playoff Takeaways

15) Pacer Fan experienced playoff action for the first time in 5 years, and it sounded a lot like a neutral arena

14) We are told that the Heat have advantages over the Sixers at everywhere but point guard, which might be news to Doug Collins and the Sixers bench, not that anyone will ever know

13) Joakim Noah swings elbows like he plays in the '80s

12) Either the Pacers are a lot better than the Sixers, or the Heat are a lot better than the Bulls

11) For a team with as much talent as Portland, it's kind of amazing that they get so little bench scoring outside of Brandon Roy

10) Shockingly, Tyler Hansborough hasn't shown up for the Pacers after Game 1

9) It's pretty much time to admit that while Andre Iguodala has his uses, he's never going to get any better at the simple but necessary skill of shooting a basketball

8) If you want to see Derrick Rose as Iverson 2.0, but vastly enhanced in terms of team play and defense, no one is going to argue with you

7) It's not as if this really matters, but for the record, the Heat are still clearly Dwyane Wade's team first

6) For all of the good that Danny Granger did tonight, he still missed the tying three, and still was held to more or less of a stalemate by Luol Deng

5) The local Pacers' telecast team seems to be taking some comfort in the idea that all of the losses have been close and exciting, which is just kind of adorable, really

4) If the Mavs don't run off JJ Barea after this season, they are even more stubborn then you might have thought

3) There's wanting something, there's wanting something too much, and then way over to the right of that is Blazer Fan

2) The Heat's biggest plus-minus player was Joel Anthony, and the Sixers worst was Lou Williams, and yes, you can infer that I find the statistic meaningful in this case

1) Surprising no one, Blazers-Mavericks is now a series... and a pretty damned ugly one at that

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