Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday's 15 NBA Playoff Takeaways

15) You would never know, in looking at the play, that Memphis is the 8th seed and San Antonio the 1st

14) Tim Duncan had six points on his 35th birthday, and you will excuse Spurs Fan if he weeps at both ends of that

13) Shane Battier really doesn't know how to react to being on a team that will win a playoff series

12) We'll have to excuse Grizzly Fan from popping his cherry all night, seeing how we're pretty sure he didn't exist three months ago

11) I'm not saying that the Spurs have given up and started their rebuilding project, but Tiago Splitter led them in rebounds tonight

10) Lots of guys can only shoot well at home, but Tyson Chandler can only rebound well there

9) Dirk Nowitzki put LaMarcus Aldridge in the Way Back Machine

8) Brandon Roy followed up his Game Four heroices with five points and four fouls in 26 minutes, because he and his team are just that cursed

7) The secret weapon for the Mavs is Shawn Marion, who is starting to resemble the multi-category defensive hammer he's always been, provided he's in the presence of a great point guard

6) The Mavs won so comfortably, Brian Cardinal got on the floor long enough to hurt someone

5) Kendrick Perkins got a technical foul after a made free throw, which is really quite difficult to do

4) Just in case you are wondering if Danilo Gallinari is going to drive and fail to pass the ball in the open court, stop wondering -- he's driving

3) In the future, every team will have multiple hyper-quick point guards, since they just rule the world now

2) No one in the history of the NBA celebrates his own makes harder than JR Smith

1) Nugget Fan completely marked out for his team lasting at least one more game in the playoffs longer than Carmelo Anthony

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