Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday's 20 NBA Takeaways

20) Indiana decided to end their season in front of a 100% hostile crowd, rather than a 60/40 one

19) Brandon Roy fulfilled his destiny, at age 26, to become a gritty fourth quarter performer in the twilight of his career

18) Derrick Rose got to the line just 4 times in Game Four, which puts the over/under on attempts in Game Five at 20.5

17) Dallas proved that even a 23-point lead is not enough when you insist on playing basketball with both arms wrapped around your throat

16) If Bulls coach Tom Thibadeau could simply convince his team that the game starts with just three minutes left to go, they'd win every game in a blowout

15) Jason Kidd picked a particularly poor moment to go back to being a terrible three-point shooter

14) I'm not saying that Portland is behind the times, but they actually play Bachman Turner-Overdrive as their celebration music

13) Zach Randolph's huge rainbow three against the Spurs made Suns Fan remember that Tim Duncan three, and hurt just a teeny tiny bit less

12) Indiana finally found a way to win a game by using the strategy of never trailing

11) The Spurs used their huge edge in playoff experience to... not get off a shot or timeout to try to tie the game at the buzzer

10) A brief moment of pushing and shoving in the Blazers-Mavs game made Kevin McHale disturbingly happy

9) When Mike Conley is better than Tony Parker, it's just about impossible to see how the Spurs win

8) Enhanced security in Portland helped ensure that Mark Cuban was able to watch his team's ridiculous choke job in complete projectile-free comfort

7) At some point, a color analyst will be able to talk about Denver without bringing up Carmelo Anthony, and the over/under is now at mid-March 2012

6) When the loss of Antonio McDyess to injury causes you severe problems, that's a pretty good indication that your playoff run isn't going to be very deep

5) In the time it took you to read this, Serge Ibaka blocked another shot while looking happier than a puppy

4) Between Hannah Storm and Doris Burke, ESPN is making a case for the limited use of HD coverage

3) It's starting to get hard to tell who the best Gasol is

2) Denver Fan is starting to realize that there might be a reason why George Karl doesn't have a ring

1) The defining moment of J.R. Smith's career in Denver happened in the last minute of tonight's series-ending loss -- made three, made three, forced three and miss with blame the ref puling

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