Monday, April 18, 2011

Sixers-Heat Game Two: Top 10 Takeaways

10) An underrated but potent part of how irritating the Heat are is the fact that coach Erik Spoelstra looks like a rancid chipmunk

9) Heat Fan believes that chanting "M-V-P" is the only way to cheer any positive action by a player

8) At some point, you have to think that a non-Celtic opponent is going to have the original idea of just hitting LeBron James as hard as they can, as often as they can, if only to give the world what it wants

7) Evan Turner scored just enough points to stay on the floor and get on every Heat first half offensive highlight

6) No one is really prepared for the concept of Chris Bosh, Clutch Playoff Performer

5) It takes talent to shoot 25% from the floor through three quarters on the road and not be completely blown out

4) Given his background, it's not that surprising that Doug Collins might be the only coach in the NBA who is actually accommodating to sideline reporters

3) The Sixers are now 0-5 against the Heat this year, but it only feels like 0-12

2) Philly Fan is taking solace in the fact that the Spencer Hawes, Starting Center Era will end in a week or less

1) It's not exactly news to say that if the Heat hit their three pointers, you can pretty much forget about beating them

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