Monday, April 25, 2011

This Week's Top 10 MLB Takeaways

10) Despite the loss of Adam Wainwright, the implosion of Ryan Franklin, Albert Pujols spending the first two weeks hitting like Ryan Theriot and Tony LaRussa's pink eye, the Cardinals are in first in the NL Central

9) The Red Sox swept the Angels to get back to a game below .500, because the Angels exist to make everything OK for Boston

8) Kansas City has scored the most runs in the American League, thanks in large part to people like Jeff Francoeur, so this is definitely not an April fluke

7) Aaron Harang leads the National League in wins, which should really put an end to the idea that you should judge pitchers by their number of wins

6) Mariano Rivera blew two saves as soon as people started to notice that he hadn't blown any saves in 2011

5) Matt Kemp is proving that his 2010 was all Rhianna and Joe Torre's fault

4) Jose Bautista is following up his fluke 50 HR year by being on pace for a fluke 70 HR year

3) Vernon Wells is really happy that Carl Crawford is dominating the New Outfielder That's Sucking headlines

2) If the AL East is still the best division in baseball, it really should have more than one team that's over .500

1) The Mets won 4 in a row, just so they could ruin the Mets Fan pity party of how they root for the worst team in the league

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