Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 10 developments from MLB taking over the Dodgers

10) Frank McCourt finally reconciling with the missus

9) Jonathan Broxton's problems are now a league-wide concern

8) Team will be forced to move back to Brooklyn

7) James Loney to be placed in foster care until his left-handed power stroke can get out of the abusive Dodger Stadium home

6) Vin Scully to go to the highest bidder

5) Raffy Furcal forced to retire so the team can cut down on its HMO expenses

4) Angels can finally lose that ridiculous "of Anaheim" name, since they now own the market

3) Team will be forced to play their home games in one of the oldest stadiums in the league

2) Club to phase out the forced medical treatments that change the color of the players' blood

1) As is traditional in these matters, must now be referred to as the Expos

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