Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 10 NBA Tuesday Ad Takeaways

10) No one has ever been to a party where Heineken was served to that level of interest

9) Every year, TNT tortures NBA fans with heavy rotation ads for shows that we never, ever will watch

8) Kenny Smith's halftime act of wandering into a 1970s sci-fi set doesn't really do that much to explain the game

7) If you really are looking forward to seeing TNT's "Franklin and Bash", you are wrong

6) It's not exactly news, but it's still gratifying to know that if you eat Taco Bell, you are an idiot

5) "Falling Skies" is an epic, which is defined in TNT-speak as something long that was filmed on the cheap in Canada

4) I'm really not sure how a loquacious rooster sells car insurance

3) George Lopez appears to serve food rather than write jokes or be entertaining

2) The talking basketball has a disturbingly sexy voice, really

1) No matter how cute the T-Mobile girl is, I guarantee you will want to see her dead within a month

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