Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Bud Selig wants to expand the playoffs in 2012

The commish says it's going to happen, so who are we to argue? Especially with side benefits like these...

10) The game's just more fun when a random .500 team with a few hot pitchers win the World Series

9) More playoffs means a greater chance of winter baseball and snowouts, which is just a win for everyone

8) If he doesn't do something petty to annoy old-school fans and players every year, it's like he didn't come to work at all

7) Doesn't want to do this in 2011, since that would take advantage of the NFL and NBA lockouts

6) By going to 5 playoff teams in each league, Budley feels he's increasing the fairness, which kind of misses the point of how one of those leagues has two more teams than the others, and everyone plays with different salary levels

5) A one-game playoff among wild-card teams gives us more crying players in dugouts, and that's just about the only thing that works for Bud now that he's developed a tolerance for, well, other things

4) All part of his sinister plan to make sure that all playoff records are held by modern players for reasons other than steroids

3) Diluting the playoffs helps to hide the fact that the Yankees and Red Sox go every year

2) There are still markets where people care about the pennant race, and we can't have that

1) Makes the All-Star Game even more important to even more people, which we know is Bud's whole raison d'etre

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