Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Martellus Bennett wants a QB competition in Dallas

The back-up Cowboy tight end with the knack for bad pub is back to say that the roster needs more compe-tition, and that Jon Kitna is one of his favorite people to play with. Why else is the man ready to throw starter Tony Romo under the bus for a QB controversy?

10) Just can't take those jaunty post-game berets anymore

9) By endearing himself to Kitna, comes one step closer to learning more about his future trade as an NFL journeyman

8) Doesn't want to see another whiny wideout cry after a Romo-led loss

7) Kitna is at least 15% less white than Romo, and hence, less likely to just lock down on Jason Witten

6) By saying this, puts everyone on the NFL as on notice that he's actually still in the NFL

5) Kitna means more turnovers, which means more throws, which means more possible receiving yards

4) He wanted to sound off for 3rd stringer Stephen McGee, but even Bennett has his comedy limits

3) Ordered by team owner Jerry Jones to take the fall, since the team had gone a full month without a stupid controversy to generate headlines

2) Would enjoy a new flavor in sideshow

1) Thinks that if he just has enough of these little moments, someone will redub the following scene (warning: profane!) from Marcellus Wallace to Martellus Bennett

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