Friday, April 22, 2011

Top 10 reasons why MLB attendance is down

In market after market (well, OK, not Philadelphia), attendance for 2011 MLB games is down, sometimes by a wide margin. As always, we dig into the real reasons why...

10) True fans can't actually leave their house anymore, for fear of missing something on MLB TV, even if that thing is just Mitch Williams going on drunk again

9) A portion of the audience is assuming that they are in lockout, too

8) Mets Fan is unable to get his head out of the oven long enough to go to a game

7) Tampa's poor start has discouraged a sizable percentage of their dozens of fans

6) A's Fan has finally admitted that Billy Beane has no plan, and is basically just a poor man's Joe Dumars

5) The unspoken rule of baseball is that when the Royals and Indians are good, no one wants to watch the sport anymore

4) Los Angeles no longer having a team isn't helping

3) It's not warm enough yet for the 3,000 f'in people who show up every day to Cub games to go outside yet, which is just a disheartening situation

2) The novelty of overpriced new yards and food, combined with the presence of ADD-trustarians and corporate tools, has somehow faded

1) Concentrating all of the money and national media attention in a 250-mile span between two markets turns out to not be the best thing for nationwide attendance

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