Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the NHL stuck with Versus and NBC

That's the news. Well, at least NBC is renaming Versus to something more marketable. Like, say, Smegma...

10) Being that close to Barry Melrose is scary

9) NBC having the Olympics means that NBC has the once every four years games that the general public will watch

8) Given their history with things like SportsChannel, it's a wonder they didn't go to Bravo

7) Worried that ESPN would revive the Fox robots or puck blur

6) Gary Bettman is going to trust his gut, because that's never let him down before

5) Thanks to "30 Rock" and its treatment of Canadians, the NHL is convinced that all of the Hab-bashing is quarantined

4) Didn't want to have ESPN do to their re-run games what they do to the NBA

3) Refuse to appear on ESPN Classic, not ever

2) Convinced that since poker has gone belly-up, ESPN will go bankrupt any minute now

1) Would do anything to avoid more popularity for fantasy hockey, since real hockey fans refuse to know math

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