Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why Peyton Hillis Beat Michael Vick for the Madden Cover

10) Voters couldn't resist the nearly unique allure of The Only Good White Running Back

9) Vick's vote was split among those who want him to get injured and those who want him to get really injured

8) Given the lifespan of running backs, it really was this year or never for Hillis

7) Hillis' owners have more cash for the game, seeing how they completely lucked into a top 5 back of the waiver wire in fantasy football last year, while Vick got hurt for the playoff weeks

6) After the year that Cleveland Fan had, seems a shame to have denied him this

5) Voters really appreciated the job that Hillis did in beating down the Patriots last year, and America really secretly hates the Patriots

4) The voting was online, which meant that there's really no reason to take any part of it seriously

3) On some level, having nice things happen for Vick scares Vick's fans

2) It's not as if Browns Fan has anyone else that he'd wanted to vote for, or can even name

1) Madden's players somehow see themselves more as a tackle-breaking tough guy than a freakishly fast mutant

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