Monday, April 18, 2011

Top 12 NBA Playoff Sunday Takeaways

12) When his team loses to a club that has Chris Paul and 11 guys from the D-League, Phil Jackson can't retire fast enough

11) The refs in the Thunder-Nuggets series really need to review the rules regarding basket interference

10) In a day of startling upsets, the biggest shock of the day was that Jermaine O'Neal and Rony Turiaf are still in the league and helpful

9) Chris Paul would like you to know that he's been dogging it all year, and intends to become your new NBA Overlord, or at the very least, the reason why Derek Fisher retires

8) The Grizzly tank job to get the Spurs in the first round appears to be entirely warranted

7) Carmelo Anthony didn't exactly add to his bona fides as a fourth quarter closer

6) Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom combined for 18 points and 7 rebounds in 69 minutes on 5 of 15 shooting against, um, Carl Landry and three other guys you've never heard of

5) The Grizz notched the very first playoff win in the 16-year history of the franchise, which is just kind of stunning, seeing how they had Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Big Country Bryant Reeves and Stromile Swift

4) At some point, you have to wonder when a Celtic opponents will remember to cover Ray Allen late in the game

3) Spurs Fan can be excused for not feeling too thrilled about Richard Jefferson renegotiating his deal to stay in town

2) The Grizz were so excited by winning a playoff game, they gave Zach Randolph a $71 million deal. I have no joke here, or at the very least, no joke that's better than an employer thinking that long-term economic security is a good idea

1) If you aren't watching Nuggets-Thunder, you aren't watching the best series... potentially ever


Rey said...

Love your top 10. I would add two...
@) the most impressive victory in the first two days of playoffs belonged to ....The Atlanta Hawks????
#) It seems that no one wants to win the NBA championship- Bulls, Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Spurs all play down to their competition and leave a lot to be desired.

Sports Chump said...

Well said, sir, however, that Bulls-Pacers series is also worth a peek.

Here's my take so far on the upsets this weekend.

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