Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday's 15 NBA Playoff Takeaways

15) Chicago finally won a game easily, which means that everything's fine now

14) Orlando discovered that they can get a blowout win if they just get next to nothing out of Dwight Howard

13) (Original) Tyler Hansbrough got ejected for a cheap shot on Joakim Noah, becoming the first Duke player to ever engage in something untoward (Modified, once a commenter pointed out that I whiffed and Josh McReynolds is the Dookie, and Psycho T is the Tar Heel, and all you white people look alike to me) Tyler Hansbrough got ejected for a cheap shot on Joakim Noah, becoming the first player who has ever gotten angry at Noah

12) Stan Van Gundy still thinks he has a good shooting team, which is just kind of adorable, really

11) The Bulls unleashed the super-secret weapon that is Keith Bogans, 70% Three Point Shooter

10) Jamal Crawford finally remembered that he's Jamal Crawford

9) The Pacers acted as a team to make sure that no one really stood out as being all that interested in a Game Six

8) Atlanta didn't really exert that much effort, because they would much rather clinch in front of their incredibly devoted and faithful fans

7) The Bulls had a blowout win with 2 points and 5 boards in 16 minutes from the mind-numbingly overrated Carlos Boozer

6) Jason Richardson hasn't scored this aggressively since he helped to ruin Steve Nash's marriage

5) Kobe Bryant's ankle was very, very bad until he used the power of hate to dunk on Emeka Okafor

4) Monty Williams really needs to rethink this whole emulating Phil Jackson by not calling obvious timeouts thing

3) When Andrew Bynum cares enough to play physically, the Lakers do not lose

2) Between Matt Barnes and Shannon Brown, the Lakers really do have a bench that makes decent people spit

1) Honestly, this game ended in the second quarter when Papa Kobe dunked the Bug Kids to bed

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Nil said...

Tyler Hansbrough is from UNC not Duke.

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