Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday's 15 NBA Playoff Takeaways

15) If the Sixers are very lucky, Evan Turner will start to get fourth quarter foul calls in another 2-3 years

14) I'm still not ready to live in a world where Zach Randolph is a clutch performer in crunch time

13) On some level, you had to know that the talking basketball was fixed for the Lakers

12) Of all of the surprising things that happened in the Heat-Sixers series, the most surprising might have been that Chris Bosh was big when it mattered

11) Memphis decided to guard Tim Duncan in the post when the Spurs were down by three points with 1.7 seconds left, rather than have another defender beyond the arc, where he might have done some good

10) Here's how good Doug Collins is as a coach: his team actually thought they were going to win tonight, and played like it

9) After 175 playoff games (!), you aren't getting much more than a good offensive quarter or two from Duncan anymore

8) If Boston didn't watch this game and laugh hard at the idea that the Heat barely held on, at home, in a tailor-made elimination game against a baby team on a night when they were hitting their threes and their opponent missed free throws, they aren't the Celtics

7) Having Arron Afflalo makes a huge difference to the Nuggets, if only because it means that they don't have to lump it when JR Smith and Wilson Chandler stinks up the joint

6) Philly's starters outscored Miami's starters 92-50 to open games, which really should be the only thing anyone needs to pick the Celtics in the next round

5) Denver proved, yet again, that if you have the best team but not the best players, you don't win

4) If you want to start doubting that Russell Westbrook is a good enough point guard to ever wear a ring, I won't stop you

3) Serge Ibaka scored 1 point and was absolutely fantastic

2) Kevin Durant scored 16 of the last 20 Thunder points to single-handedly end the Nuggets, and for good measure, blocked a tying three attempt

1) All it will take for Memphis to take out the Spurs is a stake to the heart, garlic in the mouth, a bath in holy water, and full exposure of the remains to the sunlight at high noon

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