Sunday, May 8, 2011

12 Bulls Hawks Game Four Takeaways

12) Every time Josh Smith shoots a long jump shot, an angel is fed into a wood chipper

11) As good as the Bulls have been this year, it's hard to see how they will get better with age, considering how much they do on effort, and how injury-prone Rose is

10) If you are watching an NBA game where the point guard misses a jump shot, then collects his own miss for a tip-in dunk, you can only be watching Derrick Rose

9) This series delivers an outstanding amount of visual interest, assuming that you are really into block/charge calls

8) Carlos Boozer started to actually seem useful, though not, of course, in the fourth quarter

7) When the Bulls play well, it's a blowout; when the Hawks play well, it's close

6) Shockingly, the Atlanta crowd wasn't able to keep Bulls Fan out of the building

5) The Bulls picked a bad time to unveil their new defense of Forget About Guys At The Rim

4) On some level, double-teaming Rose on the perimeter seems silly, since it just means there will be one less shot blocker for him to deal with at the rim

3) If Jeff Teague had played like this all year, there's no way the Hawks would have traded for Kirk Hinrich

2) Bennett Salvatore's inadvertent whistle call with 2:27 left was positively Earl Hebner-esque

1) The Bulls' crunch-time strategy of Stand Around And Let Derrick Rose Save Us is a little lacking

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