Thursday, May 5, 2011

12 Mavs Lakers Game Two Takeaways

12) I suppose there must have been a best Laker tonight, if only because there mathematically has to be one

11) After his last minute ejection elbow, Ron Artest might not make it to the rest of the series, which could be just what the Lakers need to get back into this

10) Laker Fan clearly fears Dirk Nowitzki, and for all kinds of cause

9) If only the Mavs had met the Lakers in the playoffs more often, maybe we could have been rid of Phil Jackson years ago

8) Someone needs to let Steve Blake know that he works for the Lakers, because there is nothing from his play that shows that he knows this

7) When your back to back championship team goes down 0-2 at home because the other team has JJ Barea, that pretty much means that your problem with speed point guards has achieved critical mass

6) Right now, your most likely Western Conference Final is Memphis and Dallas, which is to say David Stern's biggest ratings nightmare

5) You and I had the same number of rebounds as Kobe Bryant in this game

4) You and I had the same number of three pointers made outside of garbage time as the Lakers

3) Honestly, if the Lakers were going to just mail it in for the second round, they could have at least given the world more time with Chris Paul

2) On the bright side for Laker Fan, the usual traffic problem exiting the Staples Center wasn't an issue

1) The Lakers and Celtics are both down 0-2, Osama Bin Ladin is dead, and I'm not entirely sure what makes me happier


Dirty Davey said...

#0 -- If you think the Mavs look good now, just wait until Roy Tarpley comes back from suspension!

DMtShooter said...

Oh, Roy. How many times you let my fantasy team down...

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