Friday, May 13, 2011

15 Bulls Hawks Game Six Takeaways

15) It was nice of the Hawks to step aside, rather than continue to deny the series what they want to see

14) If you didn't see the final score but wanted to know who won, just consider this single stat: the Bulls had 34 assists to the Hawks 14

13) Jeff Teague's injury was awful to watch and more or less ended any drama

12) Given how Miami ended Boston early, this was nearly as much of a must game for the Bulls as the Hawks

11) If games were won purely on theatrical dunks, the Hawks would never lose

10) Following the form of the rest of this series, this wasn't close or even all that fun to watch

9) At some point, you have to wonder if Smith's willingness to shoot threes when he's so unspeakably bad at it is some kind of mental disease

8) Carlos Boozer's 23/10/5 sets him up for a fine battle of who could be blamed more in the next round against Chris Bosh

7) Bulls Fan serenaded the Hawks in the final minutes, surprising no one who has paid attention to the performance of Atlanta Fan over the years

6) Compared to the Heat, the Bulls look positively bored by moving to the third round

5) No Hawk starter had more than five rebounds, which kind of speaks to how much the team cared about prolonging the series

4) The Bulls shot 53% from the floor with Derrick Rose taking "only" 14 shots, which might not be a coincidence

3) Closing out a team on the road is really supposed to be harder than this

2) I suppose that the Heat got more rest in ending their series in five games instead of Chicago's six, but it's not as if Chicago had to actually work hard to win this game

1) It's really hard to tell if the Bulls played like a #1 seed, if the Hawks just quit, or both

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