Saturday, May 7, 2011

15 Game Three Thunder Grizzly Takeaways

15) In the first draft of this list, I gave my laptop to Russell Westbrook, and he dribbled it for 20 seconds before dropping it in a toilet

14) Grizz Fan seems disturbingly into Hamad Haddadi

13) Zach Randolph's first quarter temper tantrum earned him some bench time and much concerned lecturing from ESPN; he recovered to finish with 18 points and 21 boards

12) When OJ Mayo and James Harden square off, that's just some outstanding beard action

11) Watching Kendrick Perkins run from endline to endline is nearly as painful for us to watch as it is for him to do

10) Speaking of Perk, In 30 minutes, he had 6 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 full mouth jobs from the ESPN analysts

9) If you were to bottle Westbrook's judgment, it would peel the paint, foul the water and sicken the children

8) Memphis might lead the league in momentum-changing dunks

7) If Tony Allen is going to make Kevin Durant look like this every game, he might get as good at defense as he thinks he is

6) The Thunder's strategy of forgetting how to pass or play offense after going up 16 in the third quarter might be questioned

5) This game would have ended in regulation with a Grizz winif they could just make some free throws

4) At some point, someone might want to let Westbrook know that Kevin Durant plays for his team, and it might be a good idea to give him the ball occasionally

3) Grizz Fan marks out more than anyone else in the Association, but to be fair, they do root for an 8th seed that's two wins away from a Conference Finals berth

2) Honestly, I'm not sure from watching thsi game what team Westbrook was playing for

1) Despite rumor and your own eyes, both teams have coaches

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